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"What Moves You?"


We all move every minute of every day, sometimes without knowing it. Our eyes blink, our heart's beat and our breath naturally moves our rib cage in and out, without effort or thought.   Even at rest we are moving to a silent choreography inspired by our body's natural rhythm. It is true that we sometimes "wear our emotions on our sleeves", but most specifically we carry our emotions in several places in our body, which some call our intuition or inner voice.


But have you ever taken a moment to really tune in to where you feel these emotions in your body? 

Have you stopped to  notice, while walking down the street, how differently people move? Do they look up or down, do they take wide steps or small, do they walk straight ahead or zig zag, fast or slow?  Its as if we all move to this unspoken life dance without knowing it, dodging and weaving as we move our bodies through our day and on to our individual destinations. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but so is our body and how it moves.


Sometimes circumstances arise where we don't have any words to express how we feel.  We may have experiences in our lives that silence our voice. Our bodies remember and are telling the story if we only take a moment to listen.


As Covid 19 continues to impact our lives, we all are having our own individual experience of this health crisis. We are continuing to share a collective grief around the profound loss and upheaval in our world.  Our bodies are affected as well by these stressors which can produce or heighten, anxiety or depression.  This can almost feel paralyzing to our bodies and deplete our energy, making it more difficult to move.

It is important now, more than ever, that we pay attention to our body's need to move, especially with some working from home, or children and families experiencing school in a new way.  It can be as simple as getting up from your desk and walking across the room, or moving in your chair to music you enjoy, or even just taking a few breaths to shift your bodies energy in that moment.  Introduction to a new meditation or mindfulness practice, can help reduce the overwhelm we might feel.


Movement Coaching
What is Movement Coaching?

Taking inspiration from dance pedagogy and drawing from theories of Dance Movement Therapy, Lisa creates a unique movement practice integrating breath-work, mindfulness, voice and laughter. The goal is to connect the mind and body while creating more emotional awareness, help in finding one's voice, to be able to conquer life challenges, while offering the opportunity to move through your life with confidence and joy! 

Please contact me today to schedule a free consultation!

What happens in a session?


Sessions are tailored to the individual or group and may consist of gentle movement, breathwork, guided meditation, imagery, mindfulness, dance pedagogy, voice-work, improvisational movement, Laughter Yoga, writing and visual arts.

who is movement coaching for?

Movement Coaching is for everyone!  Lisa works with professional dancers, professional actors and actresses, musicians, children and adults of all ages, experiences and abilities. Movement Coaching is a proven modality for, anxiety, depression, addiction, parkinsons and dementia, traumatic brain injury, eating disorders, and  PTSD .  Movement is a signficant contributor for a healthy inner and outer life balance. 

  Lisa is currently collaborating on a specialized dance and movement program for individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.

movement coach
Lisa works with all ages and abilities to help create the opportunity for wellness,
 self-expression, connection and community building.  
Lisa conducts workshops and provides private and group coaching.

.instructor, choreographer, rehearsal coach
Lisa guest teaches at performing arts schools and professional dance companies.
She also provides individual dance pedagogy and performance coaching.

MOVE! Dance Project
 A dream project, all abilities dance company that advocates and promotes equity and inclusivity,
while testing our own movement boundaries in the dance and art world!  Stay tuned for more news!
Lisa consults and develops Expressive Arts programming for non-profit organizations, 
all abilities Dance Companies, Schools and the Entertainment Industry.

laughter yoga leader
Lisa integrates techniques of laughter yoga developed by Dr. Mandan Kataria from Mumbai, India.
Laughter yoga is a combination of breath, (pranayama), laughter, movement, improvisation,
eye contact and childlike playfulness. Laughter Yoga is not about a sense of humor or jokes.
Scientific research has shown the body cannot tell the difference between a real
or fake laugh. Laughter Yoga oxygenates your body and brain and helps
you feel more energetic. Laughter Yoga is an aerobic workout and a powerful expressive practice. (




"a day without laughter is a day wasted"
-Charlie Chaplin




the program

Lisa offers this two hour workshop in various settings, on the beach, in the park, community
centers, yoga and dance studios, and corporate settings. This program is for anyone who wants to take a moment to catch their breath, move their body and have some fun! 

What happens in this workshop?
We start with standing still connecting with the breath * move around the space forming a connection with our bodies * gentle stretching and embracing stillness *   exploring our own movement style and using it to connect with others * incorporate voice into our movement *

Laughter and Laughter Yoga technique are introduced.
*In an ending ritual we will bring ourselves back to the breath while standing still.
*No previous dance experience required *
Wear comfortable clothing and bring your beautiful self 

*Some of the work will be aerobic in nature, please consult your physician before participating*
The goal is to leave with a sense of well being, a new awareness and connection with your body and a few new friends!

Take a moment to breathe and be mindful. Stay tuned for our You Tube page for moments of breath and grounding.
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The Program
No upcoming events at the moment


Recent collaborations include, Infinity Dance Theater, New York, NY, Abilities Dance Boston, Boston, MA, Heidi Latsky Dance, New York, NY, YWCA Northern New Jersey, Healing Space, Hackensack, NJ, Table of Silence/Buglasi Dance Theater, New York, NY, Manhattan Star Academy, New York, NY, FYI Health, Nashville, TN, The Enrichment Center, Winston-Salem, NC, The Keenan Institute, Winston-Salem, NC, and Fellowship Health Resources. Lincoln, RI.
Lisa Jason

Lisa Jason-R-DMT

Lisa Jason is a Registered Dance Movement Therapist and holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a Specialization in Dance Movement Therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts, and has an international certification in Laughter Yoga. 

With a career of over 30 years in the performing arts, as a classically trained dancer and vocalist, actress, singer/songwriter and recording artist, performing, writing and producing her own shows, she has experienced first the healing and transformation that the arts can manifest and was inspired to share this with others.

As a performing artist, Lisa is sensitive to the unique nature and stressors of the entertainment industry and has worked in New York City with musicians, actors, actresses from stage and film, and professional dancers from the disability community.



Photo by Kim Roderiques Photography

With over ten years involved in various areas of the helping field, coupled with her performing arts career and experience, she has designed expressive arts programming that integrates the arts into the therapeutic process. These programs serve individuals of all ages, abilities and populations. Currently through a grant from the NJ Attorney General and the Victims Assistant Grant, Lisa designed and facilitates., remotely,  a Creative and Expressive Arts Program that serves survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking, for the YWCA Northern New Jersey Clinical Agency, Healing Space.

With a passion for people, and spreading kindness and compassion, Lisa continues to integrate her love of the arts into her work.  She is deeply rooted in her mission of creating equity, meeting people where they are and is present in the belief that there are no boundaries that we cannot navigate through on our life's journey to living a full, balanced, authentic and joyful life.  So let's move!!!!!


Kim Roderiques Photography


Lisa Jason Movement Studio

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